Value, vision and verve

TalesoftheCork is organized into categories from California’s Central Coast, Central Valley, Sonoma, Napa and Lodi, with occasional posts from wine regions of France and Italy.

TalesoftheCork seeks to listen to the stories of those who have spent years in the art of crafting wine and food experiences. Often that will require a conversation with those who work behind the scenes to create a culinary experience.

In the months ahead, each category will house behind-the-scenes stories from chefs and viticulturists to sommeliers and wine merchants. Utilizing personal interviews with visionaries of gastronomy and wine making, TalesoftheCork will not only provide insight into the value, vision and verve of those who dream to create food and wine experiences, but will share inspiring stories that yet remain untold.

My dream intertwines with theirs. I long to learn from and be inspired by their struggles and ability to overcome obstacles. My dream is to build relationships and share the stories they are compelled to tell–stories that have shaped them and their community.

And when I’m not traveling or interviewing those professionals who create memorable wines or meals, my wife Geena and I set the table each day to share our meals and pair wines. We also will continue to add recipes and post in the hopes to encourage others to host friends and family with confidence.

And finally, we continue to be involved in our local communities of Fresno and Clovis and readers will occasionally read about our visits to local establishments, events and travel tips both in our immediate area and beyond.


Greg D. Stobbe

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